Burgers and Cupcakes

Welcome to BC Cafe! We are thrilled to have guests visit our site and learn more about the delicious food that we provide to our customers. We understand that people want and deserve great food at great prices, and that is why we are in existence. Everyone on the Internet is invited to look around on our site to learn more about the burgers and cupcakes we provide.

About Us
BC Café began with two college culinary friends who dreamt of opening their own café. A few years later, the two friends decided to seize the moment by opening a café that was located in their hometown’s downtown. One individual specialized in cupcakes, and the other specialized in burgers. Therefore, BC Café came to focus on providing amazing cupcakes and burgers to patrons of all ages. Today, BC Café is one of the most popular places to visit in town. We have received numerous awards from food critics and enthusiasts alike. Everyone is invited to taste firsthand what BC Café has to offer. One bite of a delectable cupcake or burger will not be enough. Fortunately, we have plenty of food available for all of our customers.

Particular Ingredients
People know us as a result of the delicious food we prepare for our customers every single day. We want everyone to know that we purchase ingredients from local farmers across the area. When that is not possible, we try to purchase ingredients in the United States. This is important to us, since our country has been so good to us. Select food from the area country gives our cupcakes, burgers and available dishes a memorable and exquisite experience. In addition to this, we feel that is gives our food an excellent taste that cannot be replicated anywhere else on the planet.

Specialized Cupcakes
Unfortunately, some people believe that all cupcakes are created the same. That is not the case at call with BC Café. Not only do we create each cupcake with particular and local ingredients, but we also focus on ovens that are specifically designed to bake cupcakes. This enables us to be quite creative with the unique flavors and toppings that have made us famous. Creating cupcakes begins early in the morning. Our cupcakes begin with flour, sugar and eggs from a local farm. When a recipe calls for butter, we get ours from an area dairy farm. When the cupcakes have been placed in our stylized pans, our bakers begin in creating the toppings and frosting that are irresistible. Once the cupcakes leave the oven, frosting, fruit, chocolate and other similar food items are put on each cupcake. The result is a masterpiece that will be thoroughly enjoyed by each customer.

Original Burgers
Like our cupcakes, the burgers that we create are memorable. The prime ingredient for this creation is beef. All of the beef that we get is found within this magnificent state in which we live. We are particular about the beef we receive, and we make sure it is the best. Cattle from which the beef comes are fed natural food that is simply the best. Since the cattle have the best food, it tastes better as compared to cattle that are fed with genetically altered feed. We begin the burger process by mixing the beef with oats and other natural ingredients. Since we offer 10 different kinds of burgers, each burger is made in a unique way that will taste great when eaten. However, we use a burger maker to ensure that each patty is the exact size that we want. We are precise and demanding of how our burgers look. After all, the patty must fit on the burger bun perfectly, and we do all that we can to ensure that that happens.

Creation Awaits
Unlike other restaurants and cafes, we encourage our staff to be creative as they make cupcakes and burgers. This is one of the reasons why we have so many different kinds of cupcakes and burgers. People frequently ask how we received inspiration for creating cupcake favorites like Candy Cane Swirl, Purple Flower Passion, French Block Lemon, Front Window Ice, Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate and Raspberry Thrill. The answer is that each one came from an employee who wanted to try something new. We support and like their creativity. In a similar manner, our burgers receive kudos from many as a result of the unique and tasty varieties, such as Blue Cheese & Bacon, Pure Steak Football, Manly Mushroom & Swiss and Decker Grand.